We welcome our guests and we kindly recommend them to read and, therefore, respect carefully the following conditions, which are thought to be implicitly accepted once entered the holiday village.

The guest who settles in the Holiday Village, implicitly accepts to abide by all that is contained in the Internal Regulation of the tourist facility.


  1. Upon arrival it is necessary to declare the number of people and to display a valid identification document for each of them, children included.

The Reception is allowed to keep at least one ID for each member of the crew until the departure.

Any variation of presence within the selected accommodation or pitch must be communicated to the Reception staff upon arrival.

Visitors can have access to the holiday village (except from 13th July until 24th August) only if they deliver a valid identification document and pay the daily fee (visit period from 9.00am to 20.00pm.). The Reception reserves the right to allow the entrance only to households and couples.


  1. Guests are required to visibly apply the pass received during the check-in on their means of transport (on the left side). If it is missing or there is no possibility to verify the presence of this pass by the staff, the Reception will be authorized to tow the vehicle.


  1. The personal recognition pass must be exhibited every time it is demanded by the service personnel responsible for the identification of the persons present within the holiday village.


  1. It is not allowed to change the assigned pitch without the prior consensus of the Reception and without having updated the information written on the personal identification pass.

It is not permitted in any case to make a variation of the personal identification pass during the stay. The occupancy of the pitch is dependent on the effective presence of the members of the crew within the holiday village. If not, the Reception reserves the right to clear the pitch in the ways in which it finds more appropriate to.


  1. The price rates concerning the stay within the camping area are to be considered daily regardless the time of the arrival at the holiday village. At check-out, even the daily fee for the departure day will be added to the final price if the guests leave the pitch after noon. If arrival and departure happen in the same day, the crew will be exempt from paying the daily fee unless the stay lasts less than two hours.

On departure day, the accommodations must to be vacated by 10am, whilst, upon arrival, the access to the accommodations is allowed from 5pm to 8pm.

Any early arrivals or late departures have to be agreed with the staff of the Reception of the holiday village.


  1. Guests who find lost items on the beach or around the Campsite, are invited to hand them over to the Reception staff, who is in charge of returning them to their owners. It is highly recommended to close Camper, Caravan or Tent, and Bungalow and keep your belongings with you. The Management board declines any responsibility deriving from the theft of money, credit card, jewelry and valuables and from damages of any kind to someone's car, boat or other.


  1. It is highly recommended to:


  • Keep both the toilet facilities and the whole area of the holiday village clean.

  • Do not wash clothes, kitchenware or other neither in the drinking fountains nor in the sinks dedicated to personal hygiene distributed across the holiday village.

  • Use water in the right amount. Water waste, especially hot running water, is at the expense of the guest himself.

  • Accompany children under the age of 5 years to the toilet facilities.

  • Do not cut nor damage vegetation.

  • Parents or caregivers are accountable for any damages to items or people done by their children. Under no circumstances the Management board of the holiday village is responsible for children’s behavior. Guests are accountable for any damage caused to the facilities and equipment supplied within the holiday village.

We dedicate great care to our toilet facilities; each guest has the duty to promptly report to staff potential malfunctions or individuals responsible for any acts of vandalism.


  1. WASTE WATER DISCHARGEit is severely forbidden to empty chemical toilet or waste water containers in the public toilet facilities, drinking fountains or emergency drains. It is mandatory to use the “CHEMICAL – WC” located near the toilet facilities present within the campsite.

Waste water discharge of campers must be done exclusively at the “CAMPER SERVICE” area located in the green zone of the campsite.

We kindly ask our guests to promptly report to staff anyone who is found guilty of not abiding by these conditions.





  • Start fires in the pitches, on the beach and all over the area of the holiday village.

  • Introduce cans containing inflammable products inside the holiday village.

  • Make noise and using motor vehicles during the silence hours (14.00 – 16.00 / 24.00 – 07.00).

  • Park automobiles outside the dedicated parking spot. The presence of vehicles inside the pitches or near the accommodations is justified only for the operations of luggage unloading and loading.

  • Sell items and perform whatsoever advertising and commercial activity within the holiday village.

  • Start a fundraising without stated consensus of the Management board.

  • Wash cars, trailers, watercrafts or other.


  1. Guests must abide by the conditions concerning bathing:

The beach is divided into two sections: SPORT AREA and BATHERS AREA.

The latter entails a portion of the beach comprised with sun umbrellas and beach chairs rented only by the guests and another part destined to the free beach with equipment owned by the guests themselves.

  • Surfers are requested to not leave their surfboards, windsurf sails and kitesurfs within the bathers’ beach area.

  • Boat and surf owners, without prejudice to abide by the laws in force concerning this matter, must necessarily take advantage of the designated passageways marked by buoys in order to set sail and to berth.

  • For a matter of increased safety both for adults and children in particular, the sea area marked by buoys cannot be accessed by any sailor nor surfer. In this area it is forbidden to berth any watercraft.

  • In order to facilitate the job of the beach watchmen, at night the area is illuminated. Therefore, watercrafts owners are invited to not leave their belongings on the beach.

  • Each windsurf and boat owner, when he decides to set sail, is the sole responsible for himself and eventually his passengers. The red flag lift on the flagpole located in the middle of the bay states the sea conditions: intense marine stream, heavy sea or strong wind offshore.

  • Dogs must be kept strictly on the leash; they do not have access to the free beach and the pool area, but only at the beach club of the holiday village where some specific umbrella rows in the back are reserved for them and their owners. (See Bathing Decree)

  • It is still mandatory to abide by other behavioral rules set out by the Management board in order to guarantee an efficient beach service.


  1.  The Management board will be hold accountable only for the damages deriving from the use of the facilities and/or the means owned by the holiday village.


  1. The use of the facilities and equipment is at guests’ own risk, the Management board declines any responsibility in case of accidents occurred inside and outside the holiday village (ex. games, tournaments, matches, …).




While remaining at your complete disposal, we wish you a joyful stay and thank you ahead of time for your further collaboration.

Best regards,


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